Monday, January 2, 2017

March 15, 2016

Apa khabar setiap orang!

I apologize for missing my weekly last week; we were short on time and
frankly nothing too exciting occured. This week went by really fast
and I'm loving my time here in the MTC! This week I hosted an Elder
from Kirabati (an island near Fiji) who is serving in Fiji. He hardly
spoke any English and being international, needed to have an extensive
medical check up. So I got to go on a little field trip! A small group
of missionaries and myself got to take a shuttle to the BYU health
clinic for the missionaries to get an x-ray.

What else happened? Our "lessons" to investigators have been
progressing. We now usually teach two lessons a day and I'm slowly
getting more comfortable with teaching in Bahasa. Today my comp and I
aren't speaking English the entire day. It's been way hard so far but
it is so much fun! The Mongolians in our District are leaving this
week so it will only be us Malays and the Thai missionaries who
compose our District. We should be getting our flight plans this week!
I can't believe we only have two more weeks here before we get to the
field. I am beyond stoked to start teaching the people in Singapora
and Malaysia. Our teachers share stories and pictures with us and it
gets me so pumped. That's about all I got for this week. Hope you all
have a great week.


Elder Van Gils

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